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Lubricant & Sealant
Tetra-Lube 700


Thermidaire Tetra-Lube 700 is a fluon based highly crystalline material with the strongest inter-atomic bonds. 
TETRA-LUBE is a unique new anti-seize lubricant and sealant for use in the temperature range from minus 100 degrees to plus 500 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures up to 20,000 PSI.

Thermidaire Tetra-Lube 700 fills in the microscopic irregularities present on all metal surfaces. With Tetra-Lube the metal surfaces are practically friction free.

All threaded joints, regardless of thread form, can be made up, and broken out without risk of galling or seizing. One very important characteristic of Thermidaire Tetra-Lube 700 thread sealant is the prevention of corrosion and the protection of the coated parts. Past performance has proven the excellent service of Thermidaire Tetra-Lube 700 thread sealant and the tremendous savings possible.


Physical state: Past. Multi-grades
Colour: Cool blue


Available in six grades, filling the complete range of applications
Prevents corrosion, galling or seizing
Protects the coated parts of all the metals and resists to the attack of strong acids, alkalis
Permanently flexible, and resistant to penetration of all liquids
Avoids stick-slip movements.


Tetra-Lube is available in six grades, filling the complete range of applications including small, medium, and large pipe threads, as well as packing stuffing boxes in varying styles.


Thermidaire Corporation will specify the proper use for each application


Thermidaire Tetra-Lube 700 is a non-hazardous product. However, care should be taken as with all other industrial chemicals. Avoid contact with clothing, eyes and skin, should contact occur, flush immediately with plenty of fresh water. If discomfort persists, seek medical attention. Do not take internally. Wear protective clothing, safety shoes, glasses, goggles Keep out of ignition sources. Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated places. Keep container tightly closed. Wash thoroughly after handling.


Use oil absorbent material for clean up.

Read Material Data Sheets before handling this product.


Thermidaire Tetra-Lube 700 Available in 1/2 lb. jars, 1 lb. And 10 LB containers.

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