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   Our Products
             High Pressure Steam boilers treatment
             Steam boilers Water Treatment
                     Steam boilers complete treatment
                     Steam boilers corrosion inhibitors
                     Steam boilers scale control
                     Steam boilers alkalinity control
                     Steam boilers sludge control
                     Steam boilers maintenance
                     Return line treatment
             Cooling towers water treatment
                      Cooling towers complete treatment
                      Cooling towers corrosion inhibitors
                      Cooling towers scale control
                      Cooling towers maintenance
                      Cooling towers biocides control
             Closed loop water treatment
                       Closed loop complete treatment
                       Closed loop maintenance
             Fuel oil treatment
             Cooling engine treatment
             Thermidaire steam traps
             Lubricant and sealant
             Water flow control
             Quebracho Extract
             Other products and services
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