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Boiler-Treat 407-280


All in One Treatment


Thermidaire Boiler-Treat 407-280 a complete internal treatment for scale and corrosion control in low-pressure boilers with low makeup conditions used for humidification. This product is ideally suited for space heating systems in small manufacturing plants, schools, hospitals, apartments and warehouses. If condensate treatment needed, it should be added as required to protect against oxygen pitting.

Thermidaire Boiler-Treat 407-280 inhibits both particle growth and attachments to surfaces.

Thermidaire Boiler-Treat 407-280 contains molybdate to ensure passivation of the ferrous metal surfaces as well as protect those surfaces from Oxygen pitting. Another benefit of the molybdate is that it helps protect the boiler by providing standby protection.


            .  Safe easy-to-feed liquid                           .  Improves Boiler efficiency

            .  Complete internal treatment                  .  Promotes boiler efficiency

            .  Prevents corrosion                                   .  Simple test


 The treatment dosage should be adjusted to maintain between 75-125 PPM as Mo in boiler water.


 Thermidaire Boiler-Treat 407-280 may be fed direct to the boiler of a By-Pass Feeder or added directly to the feed water or condensate receiver tanks.


When utilizing “wet” storage for boiler lay-up, a dosage of 1-1.5 L of THERMIDAIRE Boiler-Treat 407-280 for each 100 L of boiler water should be used. The boiler should be filled completely, leaving no air voids.  


            . Appearance: Colourless to light yellow liquid                     .  Density: 1.05 Kg/L

            . Flash Point: >93 C, P-M (CC            )                                         .  Product pH: >13.0

            . Freezing Point: -4 C                                                                     .  Solubility (water)  100%


 Alkaline. Do not mix with acidic material. Harmful if swallowed. Exercise care to avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Wash thoroughly with water if chemical contacts skin. If eyes are affected, flush with water and get medical attention. Keep containers closed when not in use. Store in cool location away from oxidizers.

 Read Material Safety Data Sheet for detailed handling and storage precautions.


 Thermidaire Boiler-Treat 407-280 is packaged in 5 gallons, 20 L pails, and 45 gallons drums

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