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Thermidaire Corporation Canada Limited was established in Toronto, Canada, in 1946 as a manufacturer of environmentally friendly industrial water treatment chemicals, fuel oil treatment, lubricant and sealant. The  Company has since expanded and diversified its businesses and earned its share of the North American market.

Combining many years of experience with most up to date technology has enabled us to offer, reliable, cost effective, environmentally friendly, organic, boilers and cooling towers water Treatment programs, which cover every aspect with the efficient operation of steam, hot water systems and cooling towers. The programme will tackle existing problems and prevent them from recurring by supplying our organic, environmentally friendly water treatment, proven to be effective and safe to use, ensuring that the chemical program is specially designed for the plant in question.

Thermidaire will provide,

* On site log book.
* Regular site visits.
* Water testing and comprehensive reports on monthly basses at no additional cost to you.
* On site personnel training.
* Carry out regular boiler and cooling tower inspections.
* Emergency calls at no cost to you.

The Specialty Chemicals sector of the water treatment and environmental services markets require market-oriented products and services developed to satisfy customer needs.

Thermidaire addresses this through by:

* Sophisticated technical and customer services; provided in field by a sales and service  force having well-developed technical and marketing skills.

* Quality systems for management, production and service; Thermidaire being first water treatment company in Canada to be manufacturing environmentally friendly water treatment, organic in nature.

* Product availability; Thermidaire production facility in Toronto and Mississauga is situated to facilitate rapid distribution through Canada and the United State by road transport but is also conveniently sited for air and sea freight to overseas customers, plus licensing agency and distribution arrangements ensure local contact, and in certain areas local production.

* Continuing product development; to keep pace with the changing demands of the market and improve applied results whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

Our Mission

Thermidaire is a market-driven, technologically advanced business that are committed to maintaining leadership roles as Manufacturer and suppliers of industrial water treatment chemicals. We are dedicated to meeting the requirements of our customers as well as providing an appropriate return for our distributors and employees. The people working with Thermidaire will achieve these objectives in healthy and safe environments through maximum development of their skills; by the creation and application of innovative process and product technology; through the identification and pursuit of new market opportunities; and by providing superior levels training, quality products and service.

Global Operations

As a globally known products in the water & fuel oil treatment chemicals, Thermidaire is actively pursuing Joint Venture Partnership operations on an international level in co-operation with overseas business partners, in order to manufacture and distribute it's products world-wide.

Ingredients Procurement

We depend on imports for a large portion of the raw materials we use in our products. We purchase from Canada and the United States, Each ingredient and production location is carefully selected, reflecting our stance that top-quality products can only be made using top-quality ingredients.


The Company's fundamental policy is to set up production facilities close to where its products are consumed. Reflecting this policy, with this in mind, we are seeking the creation of new Joint ventures around the world. As part of our strategy to reduce procurement and production costs, we are planning to set up operations in Middle East, Europe, and the Far East. In the future, we intend to continue expanding our operations in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and other Asian nations in partnership with local companies.
Diverse Research &Development Initiatives. To fortify our product development and basic research capabilities, we upgraded and expanded the functions of Thermidaire Research Laboratory, We added a swimming pool product development Center and fine chemicals department to the existing technology research Center. In these ways, we are working to quickly and accurately pinpoint market needs and develop new products, we have built an organization that allows us to swiftly develop new products and improve existing ones. We now have a structure that facilitates our efforts to refine basic technologies and produce original R&D achievements in the medium and long terms.

Meeting International Standards

Paralleling to the plans for global expansion of Thermidaire business is a need to meet international product quality and environmental standards. Since we manufacture and sell our products internationally, it is essential that we develop, manufacture and distribute products that fully meet global standards for quality, so our customers' world-wide can use our products with peace of mind. To enhance awareness among customers of our product quality, we are raising our standards as part of a Company wide effort to secure certification under ISO 9002, an international standard for product quality. We are implementing new standards throughout our facilities. This has had a positive effect on our efforts to standardize other internal procedures, we earned official certification from Agriculture Canada for the use of our products in food establishment. New laws was enacted in most countries of the world as part of the nation's environmental protection initiative, We intend to develop our business while strictly adhering to domestic and international standards for product quality and environmental protection. To assure our ability to supply customers with quality, reliable, price-competitive products, we are reorganizing our production, distribution and marketing systems in North America and overseas.

Production and Distribution

Our production and distribution facility in Scarborough has been the Center of the Company's operations for over 30 years. Due to the ageing of this facility, we have moved to temporary to our Mississauga sales location, we are working on constructing a new plant and distribution Center in London, Ontario, which will become our operation Center. We have set up distribution centers in Toronto, Scarborough, Mississauga, London, Barry, Niagara, Leamington (Ontario), Halifax (Nova Scotia), Edmonton, Calgary (Alberta), Vancouver (British Colombia), Sea Grit (New Jersey, USA), Tucson (Arizona USA), Buffalo New York (USA).


Due to growth of economy, industry, new building construction …etc.  In North America in recent years, market demand for industrial water treatment chemicals have increased Responding to this situation, we restructured and strengthened our national and internal operations to enhance our marketing capabilities to meet expanding commercial, residential and industrial demands. This has allowed us to develop more carefully targeted products and respond more accurately to the demands of our distributors and customers, we conduct ongoing market research to determine market needs. We then analyze the collected data and use it to speed up product development and marketing activities.

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